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CS 5460 «Ultra Soft»


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More than 5460 ultra-fine compact tufted CUREN® bristles form an effective, durable and exceptionally gentle bristle surface. The individual ultra-fine bristles reach even the most difficult areas of gum and teeth.

A regular toothbrush has less than 500 thick bristles, over 10 times fewer bristles compared with the CS 5460. With fewer bristles cleaning efficiency is less.

Small brush-heads ensure easy access to hard-to reach areas.

Bendable neck allows angulation for individual preference.

Elegant octagonal handle for perfect manipulation whilst brushing at every angle.

Practical protective cap.

CS 5460 “ultra soft” (Curen® 0.10 mm thin!)

CURAPROX Toothbrushes

Never too soft and never too hard.

When it comes to brushing your teeth: the composition of your gums and teeth is as individual as you are. This is why we have developed the adaptable CURAPROX Sensitive toothbrushes.

The bristles are made of CUREN® and, even when they are wet, they retain their superior original firmness. This allows the use of much finer filaments for gentle, deep brushing. With its small, compact head, the CURAPROX Sensitive cleans more intensively and more gently. When you brush with the CURAPROX CS, your tongue will notice the difference at once: your teeth will feel smooth and clean and naturally appear whiter.

Your tongue knows what’s going on.

The tongue test is free and doesn’t lie! Your tongue is a good instrument for checking whether teeth are clean – it can feel furry surfaces at once. Smooth teeth rather than white teeth are decisive in terms of health. Ask your tongue – it knows when it’s time to clean your teeth!

The advantage of ultra fine CUREN® bristles

Hard, thick bristles cannot reach plaque in sulcus without the use of excessive pressure. The consequences are exposed and sensitive necks of teeth and inflamed gums.

With CURAPROX Sensitive toothbrushes, slight pressure is enough to remove sulcular plaque without trauma to gums!